Cats are so funny

Welcome to There sure are some funny cats out there. We are going to have some really cool videos of cats pretty much just being ridiculously awesome and ripping stuff apart. Sometimes we might even have some videos of cats that are just cute or sometimes even have videos of dogs.

The funny thing about this website is that it is completely ran and maintained by dogs. LOL!!! Oh the irony!!! We just love cats so much that we had to make a website devoted to them and that is just great. Cats make us laugh all day long and they should make you laugh too, because they are the greatest. Of course not all cats are awesome and thats ok too. The cats we really like are the ones that make cool videos and post them on youtube for everybody to see like this one right under this paragraph.

We plan on having some really cool updates to our website. ALOT of cat videos for sure. Some other stuff too. But mostly cats. WHY? Because they are awesome. THATS WHY. We sure hope that you agree with us on the fact that cats are super cool. And we also hope that you come back and visit us regularly. We love traffic because it allows for us to but more cat videos and of course, dog treats. DUH.

So if you are a cat fan, please come back and visit our website. We would absolutely love that. Then we have a good reason to keep posting videos for you guys to watch. We watch them mainly when we are having a bad day. They always cheer us right up, and we just love that. We even watch them when were having a good day. That usually makes our good day even better. So with all that being said, we are glad you came and hope to see you again really soon.

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